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Finally a decent studio again…


I tidied up my studio … partly because the new Prophet 6 and Moog Mother-32 synths were deserving of better surroundings and partly because, as I said before in a recent post, I want to get some music done. To that end, I’m currently working on a nice groove which lends itself to a bit of synth demo-ing and a youtube video.

Stay tuned…



A while back I wrote a piece of music as an experiment to test a software reverb I had recently bought (I still use that reverb actually, and it’s really good, but I digress). Anyway, after I’d written it I put it ‘out there’ via cdbaby just because I had nothing better to do with it.

Recently, cdbaby have been using youtube to add views to the various tracks from their artist members, myself included. So here it is – it’s an extremely mellow, slow-paced ambient track.

Trivia: For the cover photograph I used an image I took many years ago in Scotland near Ben Nevis while doing the 3-peaks challenge.