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Finally a decent studio again…


I tidied up my studio … partly because the new Prophet 6 and Moog Mother-32 synths were deserving of better surroundings and partly because, as I said before in a recent post, I want to get some music done. To that end, I’m currently working on a nice groove which lends itself to a bit of synth demo-ing and a youtube video.

Stay tuned…


New Year’s Eve 2015

Well, we’re all a bit zombiefied today, but it was certainly worth it. We christened Ju’s Studio with a party with good friends, drinks and lots of pizza. Turns out the studio is a great place to party! There are a few bits and pieces to finish off inside, as can be seen in the pics (Ju is in the process of varnishing woodwork, and there are a couple of decorative wood structs and ceiling insulation bits to add in), but we’re down to the details now, finally.

Shortly after midnight we blasted out The Ace of Spaces at maximum volume on the PA just to give a nod to Lemmy as well… hehe.

Happy New Year to all 🙂


Front garden

Just a note to the effect that I’ve gathered the pics of the front garden into their own permanent album. There will be more to add as I add cut sandstone to the build in order to cover the block walls, but I suspect this may not happen for a while as my priority is not shifted back to finishing Ju’s studio.

The album can be found here: Front garden.

Front garden – slate chippings done!

On Tuesday, 4 large backs of slate chippings arrived and we laid the landscaping fabric and started putting the chippings on it. There are now 3.4 tons of slate in the garden. Thanks to Ciara for coming over and helping, she was distributing the slate as I was barrowing it down.

Took a day out today as I wasn’t feeling that great, but this weekend I’m going to start working on splitting the sandstone rocks (the ones in a big pile by the bike in the below pics) and using them to face the block walls with a natural stone covering to complete the project.

Front garden progress update

Saturday, finally a day where I could get more than an hour of daylight while working on the landscaping! After a lovely family fire in the gazebo last night, I had a bit of a lie-in today then got to it out front.

Took a few photos of the garden at the start of the day, then dug out some additional foundation trenches for mini-retaining walls that will go down the side of the garden, to prevent spillage due to differences in height between our newly terraced garden and the neighbour’s.

Mixed up a couple of loads of ballast-based concrete (it’s sharp sand with little stones in it) for the foundations then filled the aforementioned trenches. Then I mixed a smooth-sand mortar and filled the gaps between the blocks on the walls that I’ve built so far, and also extended the smaller, second wall right to the far side of the garden.

Finally, Willow and I started to grade the top area  so that it’s flatter in preparation for landscape fabric and slate cover on Tuesday. There is more work to do there, but it’s a good start and things are now beginning to look tidier.

Front garden continues

Despite the rain and the darkness descending so early, the last two days I’ve been out in the front garden working in the mire and sludge to get it done!

Not that it’s done yet, but good progress. Last night I moved all the earth and ash that we had piled on the hard-standing area, and put it on the garden in preperation for the final grading. Today we received delivery of materials in the form of a large bag of sand/stone mix, a bag of building sand and 61 concrete blocks that were now able to fit onto the space created where that pile of earth was, and I also finished the top trench.

Tonight installed the datum pegs to get the wall foundation level, then mixed 3 large mixers-full of concrete in the rain and darkness, and got it laid in the foundation. There’s a little more concrete to go, but not a full mix, so next will be to start the lower trench and get that foundation in as well.

Some pictures below – none of the concrete yet, as it was too dark and wet by the time I was done, but I’ll add more pics tomorrow.

Update: (7th October)

Second trench done, and concrete poured in that also. Ju sourced some excellent proper lighting so I can work after dark, and Willow helped by cleaning some rocks <3

Additional pictures added to gallery below.

Ju and Eddy’s goings on….

Hello 🙂

Well, it’s been a long time coming but finally we’ve gotten it together to put up a family blog/website/whatever to keep people informed of our progress with projects and general updates as to what we’re up to. As you may know, Ju has joined the ranks of the enlightened and is deleting her Facebook account (yay!) but it is true that Facebook has been useful to keep friends and family informed of what we’re up to so here is the official replacement for that.

Unlike Eddy’s wordpress blog, which sort of languished after setting it up, we will be updating this site regularly, as it is effectively a Facebook replacement, so watch this space. Anybody can submit comments to anything, if they feel the need (and we’ll welcome them!). You don’t need to log in to leave a comment, but to prevent spamming from dodgy err… well, spammers, we’re vetting comments prior to publishing them for the time being so don’t worry if your comments don’t appear immediately.

By the way, we will be tinkering and experimenting with various settings and stuff as this new site evolves, so please bear with us if any links are broken or things don’t appear to be working as they should. We’re on the case!