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More of my Grandfather’s work

A decade or so back, I wrote a rather thematic piece of music. Recently, an organ voluntary written by my Grandfather in 1938 was brought to my attention and I rendered a recording of it using modern technology. If we make a ‘two part’ piece by using mine as an introduction to his, then I think the result works very well:

Part I: (c) Eddy Deegan, 2005

Part II: (c) John Joseph Deegan, 1938

So there you go, Grandfather and Grandson doing their thing, across a 67 year gap.

The music of our ancestors

Recently, as I mentioned in another post, I’ve been doing some work to create audio files of my Grandfather’s works which were transcribed as sheet music by my Uncle. I did this one today, and I think it’s rather beautiful so I’m sharing it here also.

The piece, as originally written, was not intended to have an organ accompaniment as far as I know. It was for choir only, but the sheet music had a piano part for practice purposes. I took the piano part and mapped it to a church organ, and I think the result is very striking. Whether my Grandfather would have approved I don’t really know, but as a musician myself I think it does work so I’m sure he’d understand my motive 🙂

My Grandfather

My Grandfather, John Deegan, wrote a lot of music in the mid-late 20th century, and my Uncle, Kevin Deegan, has painstakingly recovered and transcribed a fair amount of this work for posterity. Between us, Kevin and I set up the Deegan Music Wiki which archives the results.

This is a work in progress, but much has been done and it’s a fascinating insight into the works of my Grandfather. The material on there is available in PDF format (the sheet music) and MIDI format. Going forwards we are going to render the works in MP3 as well.

Tonight, I did the first MP3 render (of a work for choir and organ, called Ecce Sacerdos) and I think it came out rather well. It can be found here. I’m looking forward very much to doing more of these MP3 audio renders, as it makes my Grandfather’s music come to life again in a way which, without Kevin’s dedication and perseverance, it would never have otherwise done.