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Taking after daddy..

Not to be left out of the creative/building productivity going on around here, Willow made this amazing model of a house in the midst of the Great fire of London. She is very proud of it and rightly so. A lot of hard work went into it. I especially love the burning people attention to detail, the look on the face of the lady at the front is priceless ­čÖé



Front garden, logs and studio

Woah, much has been happening.

So, first of all, as per usual we have been very busy actually doing stuff as opposed to writing about it!

Ju’s studio is coming along well. It’s been weatherproof for some time now, and I’m working on insulating the roof. I also have a couple of minor tweaks to make to prevent a little moisture seeping in on the brick columns surrounding the glass blocks that form the top of the wall which separates the inside of the building from the ground below the lawn.

In addition, we took delivery of two huge bags of ash logs today for burning throughout the Winter in the firepit within the gazebo. Willow was very helpful in relocating them from the front garden to the back.

In other front garden news, it’s been a jungle for the last… well, ages. So yesterday Ju took various tools to it and got it into a much better shape. We had a big burn-up/bonfire in the firepit to get rid of the extracted greenery. ┬áThen we both took the bull by the horns and decided we were going to enact my landscaping plan for it which will mean it looks great and requires almost zero maintenance for the foreseeable future.

To that end, I’ve removed all the rocks in the garden and dug a trench ready for foundation concrete which will support one of two retaining walls that will neatly divide the garden into three flat sections, a broad top, slightly narrower middle and then a lower terrance. The wall will be built of concrete blocks (the same size as breeze-blocks but make of solid concrete). On each terrance will be a layer of landscaping fabric (permeable to water but does not let weeds grow). Overall about 4-5 tons of crushed purple slate will cover that plastic, and only our lilac tree, ‘red plant’ (I can’t remember what it’s called), a holly bush and our Hydrangea will remain, apart from the shrubs and bushes on the boundary between the garden and the road.

The front of the retaining walls (facing our house) will be covered in sandstone that I extracted from the previous arrangement, and  the top of the walls will also be covered, so that no brick/concrete/blocks etc. will be visible.

Hey presto. Super neat garden, no maintenance