Material delivery and studio area prep

14th March – 2nd June 2014

After being forced to suspend activities for the Winter, as soon as things brightened up a bit we had a chimnea burn-up, and I ordered a lorry-load of wood and insulation. This was originally intended to be for a heavy-duty insulated shed in the front corner of the house, but ultimately, the wood ended up being used for other purposes as I discovered (rather later than I should have) that the shed would need planning permission.

Therefore, the wood was wrapped in plastic, along with the insulation, and stored alongside the house and on the back patio until such time as it was to be used. In the event it stayed there for some time, but it came in very useful later. Meanwhile the new garden out back was experiencing its first Spring.

As well as the aforementioned wood, I ordered the heavy-duty concrete blocks that were to form a retaining wall between the lawn and the excavated area. These were extremely heavy and the work involved in moving and stacking them was intense. Meanwhile, I also re-cleared the area at the bottom of the garden, graded it and covered it in a layer of sand on it (the sand I had left over from building the small retaining wall) in preparation for concreting.