Clearing and the first retaining wall

21st August – 5th October 2013

Primarily, the focus of this time was to get the excavated area at the bottom of the garden progressed. Having cleared it, which involved transferring tons of rock, concrete and other heavy spoil to the front garden (this was brutal work!) I got a grab lorry to take the waste away. This was so much better than previous methods I’d used for removing spoil (I’d previously hired skips, and used the ‘man with a van’ method, both of which were expensive and limited) and I wish I’d done it sooner.

I ordered a lorry load ofbuilding  materials and built a small retaining wall on the left hand side to prevent the (now higher) neighbouring garden from eroding into ours

Following this, I then constructed a single course of blocks around the perimeter in anticipation of the big concrete pour that would form the foundation slab for the studio. This was nearly, but not quite completed before the onset of Winter, which forced a halt to proceedings until the following Spring.

Meanwhile, the grass laid previously in the top part of the garden was looking better by the day.