Excavation, clearing and planting

7th May – 2nd July 2013

After the fence was started, there was still a lot of clearing to be done in  the garden, not least of which was the transportation of  all the big rocks, lumps of concrete and broken brick etc. that I had excavated from the area I was digging out for the studio. The large piles of rocks had been accumulated on what would be the lawn area but they had to be shifted tot he front garden ready for disposal.

This phase of proceedings was sheer grunt-work and took place over a few weeks as it was repetitive and arduous. Lugging barrow-loads of heavy rocks up the side of the house and then up the drive to the hardstanding at the front was totally brutal. But it had to be done, because they certainly  weren’t going to move themselves 🙂

Of note during this timeframe was the fact that Ju started to plant in the flowerbeds near the house, and I dug the foundation trench for the retaining wall that was going to go between the excavated area where the studio was going to be built, and the next door garden.

The wheelbarrow really came into its own during this process and earned much respect. The plus side to this all was that we were able to have one or two spectacular burn-ups to get rid of the remaining combustible materials as can be seen in the gallery below.