Steps, part I

23rd April – 9th May 2015

Having built the big retaining wall, it was now time to shore up the steps. The steps were part of the original garden and were uneven and sunken but they have character and we wanted to keep them. Over the year or more since the ground beside them was excavated they had become quite unstable, and some were in danger of collapse.

I built a small retaining wall along their exposed side, and backfilled it with concrete. Then, I extended them upwards into the lawn using railway sleepers to complete the passageway down to where the studio was going to be built.

During this process, we also took delivery of the first load of building materials for the studio, and also backfilled the big retaining wall using the slurry from the big concrete pour, which had been sitting in the front garden for nearly a year and which, when broken up, was great materialĀ for the back of the wall.

Before backfilling the big retaining wall I also poured two solid columns of concrete, one at each end of the wall, which tied it to the side walls, as well as providing immovable columns to contain the backfill material. The columns weigh nearly a ton between them.