Garden Projects

Over the last 4 years or so, we have been working steadily to landscape our garden. There have been a few sub-projects involved in this process, and though we haven’t finished it all yet, a huge amount has been done.

I originally tried to sort the many photographs of the progress into categories, but this proved tricky, time consuming and a little confusing as many photos fall into more than one category. Therefore, the galleries on the pages below document the process in chronological order, as events unfolded.

Initial clearing: 4th-10th July 2011

Clearing and excavation: 12th-19th July 2011

Terracing and more excavation: 20th-26th July 2011

Excavation continues: 27th-31st July 2011

Clearing and fencing – 2nd Feb-1st May 2013

Excavation, clearing and planting: 7th May-2nd July 2013

De-stumping and grading: 6th July-11th Aug 2013

Grassing, fencing and burning: 13th-19th July 2013

Clearing & the first retaining wall: 21st Aug-5th Oct 2013

Material delivery and studio area prep: 14th March-2nd June 2014

Big concrete pour: 4th-5th June 2014

Big retaining wall: 14th-21st April 2015

Steps, part I: 23rd April-9th May 2015

Steps, part II: 13th-16th May 2015

Circular patio: 20-23rd May 2015

The gazebo of justice: 24th May-13th June 2015

Glass blocks & trellis: 13th-18th June 2015

The studio, part I: 20th June-7th July 2015

The studio, part II: 8th July-5th August 2015