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How to get your Goth back on..


Get a new tattoo, worked wonders for me, totally cheered me up I feel like Ju again. After feeling like total you know what for over a month, Im back marching miles and not in pain. I have far to much to do to be ill so don’t mentally cope with it. Pain saps every bit of creativity out of you.

Thanks to the work of the brilliant Harry from  Black Sails Tattoo

Something about having a tattoo makes you feel alive. Already planning my next one….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

My latest creation which marks my return was Cruella Deville.


It was world book day and Willow won first prize. Made her dress and sat till 10:30 at night sewing spots onto the fur stole. well worth it. Every other girl was a Tesco/Asda princess. Deegan’s don’t do princesses 🙂

Twilight Theatre

Exciting news, Twilight Theatre is finished and I have properly moved in. My wonderful refuge from the outside world, locks fitted to keep out un-wanted folk. The sofa bed was the finishing touch, so i can not only work down there, we have created a social ( special invites only ) place to chill out, or indeed party in. PA system installed and tested on new years eve at ear bleed with VIP guests. I have waited a long time for my own space, every second was worth it. A huge Thank you to Eddy who made it all possible and who’s vision became reality. He has a very happy Wife.

A most wonderful day.

November 24th 2015.

This was the day my brilliant, wonderful, bonkers friend got her happy ever after.

The wonderful day Lindsey and Steve got Wed.

No tradition, pomp, general szmooze and insincerity most weddings these days seem to contain. No spending of stupid amounts of money, stupid dress ( the bride wore a Metallica tee shirt) and silly penguin suits.

Simply two people that love each other and five guests, I very happily fulfilled my role as Goth friend ( a great excuse to get my hat out ). The ceremony was short sweet and emotional (I’m very soppy when it comes to Lindsey) Metallica’s ‘fade to Black’ playing in the background.

The well travelled chicken even got a mention by the registrar, also Elvis was present, well why wouldn’t he be on such an occasion.

Afterwards we went to a local farm shop restaurant for a fab meal, followed by cake, confetti and fizz back at the happy couples home joined by mad pooches Izzy and Kimi.

Perfect end to the day.



Happy Christmas to me :) :)

image2 20151109_064923-1

Christmas came early for me this year, this stunning tattoo, a present from Eddy,Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I sat for five and three quarter hours, I think that puts me in the warrior category for tattoo endurance. The last two hours were rather grim. I would liken it to being seven hours in on a ten hour flight and feeling like you are caged but with added pain and blood.

Every moment worth it for this result. In the photos its rather swollen, I will add a healed photo in due course. The brilliant artist was Harry Robbins from Black sails/Yokai tattoos Lewes.

A film I will be watching no matter what

For some years, I played a Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing Game called World of Warcraft. This was not the first MMORPG I ever played – previously I spent as long playing a game called Asheron’s Call which I still consider to be vastly superior in almost every way, and the like of which I have not seen since. That said, I racked up countless (well, over a thousand) hours in WoW over several years, made many friends and had many adventures in the virtual world it provided.

Sadly, they are not making a film about Asheron’s Call, much as I wish they would. The game ‘World of Warcraft’ was originally deep, rich and challenging, set in a huge world with a bigger backstory. In later expansions to the game they dumbed it down to the point I felt it was no longer worth my time, plus to be fair I had been playing it for some years. It was still an amazing experience.

Anyway, there is a film coming out based on World of Warcraft, and I will be very keen to see it. To see the areas, cities, flora and fauna, villages and scenery on the big screen will be epic for me, regardless of how the film pans out. It looks to be more geared towards the conflict between the Alliance (Humans, mainly) and the Horde (Orcs, if the trailer is anything to go by) but there is much more to the game which I hope will get a look-in. The goblins in Ratchet, the Horde settlement at Crossroads, and hopefully some dungeon action as well, such as the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens, which was a bit of a ‘rite of passage’ for all new players back in the day though I think this relatively unlikely.

I also wonder if there will be any little ‘in jokes or references to game lore that appear on screen. I hope so 🙂

I am so going to watch this!

Taking after daddy..

Not to be left out of the creative/building productivity going on around here, Willow made this amazing model of a house in the midst of the Great fire of London. She is very proud of it and rightly so. A lot of hard work went into it. I especially love the burning people attention to detail, the look on the face of the lady at the front is priceless 🙂



Info on registration and comments

Update: 7th Jan 2016 – We have disabled comments for now, as the number of automated spam bots sending mind-bogglingly stupid junk  to our inbox was getting tiresome 🙂

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We have a number of options for handling comments on this blog so I thought I’d take a moment to explain how it works currently.

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We’re not really expecting much commenting, but we wanted to make it available as an option for any friends and family who wanted to be able to post comments, so for now this seems the best approach!

I’ve only gone and done it.

Well i’ve put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and deleted my Facebook account. I was using it for 8 years and had really good fun, loved keeping in touch with friends old and new.

Recently it has been increasingly annoying me, but still i stayed, even after Eddy left and told me IN LENGTH how evil Facebook is, i didn’t listen. Just merrily carried on my way ignoring the doubts, as the thought of not having it seemed weird. I have been resenting how much of my time it sucks out of me. Why am i checking Facebook whilst on the beach??? because A: i’m nosy and B: clearly on the slippery road to becoming a zombie glued to my phone. You see people out for dinner in pubs, bars all ignoring each other as clearly what their old school friends dogs sister is doing is much more interesting. Or looking at photos of other peoples food. Just bloody talk to each other, btw your dinner is now cold.

Something happened the other day that made me so angry it tipped me over the edge. The realisation that some people are so addicted its taken over their whole life. Something was demanded of me quite aggressively that was so pathetic my eyes were finally opened. Sometimes people can tell you stuff till they’re blue in the face, but you need to realise it for yourself. Anyway i’ve never been a fan of being told what to do.


I’m free and feeling very pleased with myself..

A quick thought on facebook

A mental addiction


When Ju and I were talking about her deleting her facebook account (I deleted mine ages ago), we both observed the fact that facebook is much like an online game. Regardless of whether one really cares, there is an innate satisfaction in collecting ‘likes’ and seeing people comment on stuff you put up. This very easily becomes a habit, and it’s difficult to see past it when you’re interacting with facebook on a regular basis.

There is a well known psychological technique used by people who write ‘freemium’ games – you know, the ones that are free to install but then try to get you to buy stuff in the game. The details are quite involved but the summary is that these games give people continual little ‘rewards’, occasionally interspersed with bigger ones, that make them feel as if they are not wasting their time playing the game. This technique feeds that part of the brain that accumulates points or status in one form or other and we are all susceptible to it.

Facebook have been very clever in that they have effectively turned their whole site into an online game. There are points to be gained in the form of ‘likes’ and prizes to be gained in the form of comments. It’s easy enough to get both, up to a point, but now and again when you post something that gets an unusually high number of likes or comments, your pleasure centre in the brain is stimulated and these occasional boosts to the ego reinforce your habit of playing the game.

The result is narcissism, and in some cases, self obsession. Facebook is training people (especially young people) to feel as if they need the admiration and approval of their peers, because this drives the feedback loop that makes facebook more money. Many people on facebook are effectively building their own brand, and spend more time maintaining this facade than they do interacting in a healthy manner in real life. Looking at it from the outside, it’s quite scary actually.

The truth is that in  facebook’s case you are the product. They sell your information, and indirectly they also profit from the posts you put up. They make a lot of money from it. Facebook are also actively seeking and implementing ways to extend their ownership of you as a product, by proactively filtering what you see and hiding from you the things they are doing with your data.

In short, you are being manipulated, and many people seem not to realise this. Many of those who do go ‘meh’ and remain using it because of the established habit I wrote about above. When I left facebook (and I was already a cynic), even I found it hard to drop out of the collective for a week or so. After the initial habit wore off, I never looked back and somehow my life was better for it. I felt the same way when I stopped playing World of Warcraft, incidentally.

As a final thought, this struck me. You don’t need facebook, facebook needs you. The same is true of vampires.