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Taking after daddy..

Not to be left out of the creative/building productivity going on around here, Willow made this amazing model of a house in the midst of the Great fire of London. She is very proud of it and rightly so. A lot of hard work went into it. I especially love the burning people attention to detail, the look on the face of the lady at the front is priceless 🙂



Front garden progress update

Saturday, finally a day where I could get more than an hour of daylight while working on the landscaping! After a lovely family fire in the gazebo last night, I had a bit of a lie-in today then got to it out front.

Took a few photos of the garden at the start of the day, then dug out some additional foundation trenches for mini-retaining walls that will go down the side of the garden, to prevent spillage due to differences in height between our newly terraced garden and the neighbour’s.

Mixed up a couple of loads of ballast-based concrete (it’s sharp sand with little stones in it) for the foundations then filled the aforementioned trenches. Then I mixed a smooth-sand mortar and filled the gaps between the blocks on the walls that I’ve built so far, and also extended the smaller, second wall right to the far side of the garden.

Finally, Willow and I started to grade the top area  so that it’s flatter in preparation for landscape fabric and slate cover on Tuesday. There is more work to do there, but it’s a good start and things are now beginning to look tidier.

Front garden continues

Despite the rain and the darkness descending so early, the last two days I’ve been out in the front garden working in the mire and sludge to get it done!

Not that it’s done yet, but good progress. Last night I moved all the earth and ash that we had piled on the hard-standing area, and put it on the garden in preperation for the final grading. Today we received delivery of materials in the form of a large bag of sand/stone mix, a bag of building sand and 61 concrete blocks that were now able to fit onto the space created where that pile of earth was, and I also finished the top trench.

Tonight installed the datum pegs to get the wall foundation level, then mixed 3 large mixers-full of concrete in the rain and darkness, and got it laid in the foundation. There’s a little more concrete to go, but not a full mix, so next will be to start the lower trench and get that foundation in as well.

Some pictures below – none of the concrete yet, as it was too dark and wet by the time I was done, but I’ll add more pics tomorrow.

Update: (7th October)

Second trench done, and concrete poured in that also. Ju sourced some excellent proper lighting so I can work after dark, and Willow helped by cleaning some rocks <3

Additional pictures added to gallery below.