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Adventure in Munich.

So after a month and a half of being very unwell, I made it to Munich albeit at half my usual zest.

We arrived on the Friday for the amazing gig ( see previous post by eddy) the best i’ve ever been to, I managed to dance for most of the 3.5 hours they played.

Saturday was spent exploring the centre of Munich, the buildings were really interesting and still had snow on their rooftops which gave it a nice wintery atmosphere somehow. It was such a sunny lovely day. We wandered about in no particular direction, we discovered a lovely market which sold all sorts of fresh fruit, flowers, food and of course being German, beer and scary looking sausage which i had no desire to try.

We had a nice meal in a Bavarian restaurant, came upon the river which on the railings were padlocks attached loads of them with names of couples (I’m guessing) carved into them. The river was very fast flowing and the banks steep. Either i worry too much or German parents are so laid back they are lying down, as children Willows age were running about right on the edge, climbing on slippy stumps, generally scaring me half to death. But then sometimes willow moans i hold her hand too tight by roads, oh and i did make Lizzy’s fingers go blue once while walking the North cliffs in Cornwall. Ok maybe its me 🙂 A really lovely day exploring. A fantastic new hat was purchased by Eddy in a random shop we came across.

After the night at the gig and walking all day i was fit to drop, evening spent chilling watching films, in our very modern hotel room. The theme being purple throughout the building, even the lift was lit by a purple/pink light.

Sunday was travel home day, got the train to the airport where we had lunch and generally chilled out then flew home. After the almost ten hour flight to San francisco the hour and a half this one took was a doddle. Upon reaching Gatwick we just had to get the train to Brighton, by this point Eddy had had enough and spent many a minute moaning about the trains. He was rather disgusted that the sign kept claiming our train was on time despite clearly being late (see last pic) 🙂

VNV Nation live at Kesselhaus in Munich

A few weeks ago, Ju and I got a rush of blood to the head and impulse-booked tickets for the VNV Nation compendium gig (celebrating 20 years of the band) in Munich at a converted warehouse – Kesselhaus, along with flights and a couple of days in a hotel so we could have a bit of an explore of the area while we were there.

The gig was brilliant, as expected, and we had a great time. They played for over 3 hours and we found ourselves in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere wondering how we were going to make the 7 or 8 miles back to the hotel, but then we found a nice taxi driver who got us back with aplomb.

We then went and found a late night place to eat, and my rather rusty German turned out to be good enough to negotiate the sale of a bottle of red wine from the owner of the establishment in addition (even though he didn’t sell wine as part of the shop offerings) 🙂

The pictures in this gallery were taken with my phone, as I didn’t feel like taking a proper camera along (in cast it got damaged or lost) but I think they came out pretty well considering. There is some video in addition, which I’ll convert and upload after we get back (I’m writing this in the hotel in Munich).

New Year’s Eve 2015

Well, we’re all a bit zombiefied today, but it was certainly worth it. We christened Ju’s Studio with a party with good friends, drinks and lots of pizza. Turns out the studio is a great place to party! There are a few bits and pieces to finish off inside, as can be seen in the pics (Ju is in the process of varnishing woodwork, and there are a couple of decorative wood structs and ceiling insulation bits to add in), but we’re down to the details now, finally.

Shortly after midnight we blasted out The Ace of Spaces at maximum volume on the PA just to give a nod to Lemmy as well… hehe.

Happy New Year to all 🙂


Taking after daddy..

Not to be left out of the creative/building productivity going on around here, Willow made this amazing model of a house in the midst of the Great fire of London. She is very proud of it and rightly so. A lot of hard work went into it. I especially love the burning people attention to detail, the look on the face of the lady at the front is priceless 🙂



Just because

Posting this picture of us outside the royal pavilion Brighton, just after we got married. thought i’d lost it. Very happy i haven’t as its my favorite.582142_3893095696207_444314739_n

More of my Grandfather’s work

A decade or so back, I wrote a rather thematic piece of music. Recently, an organ voluntary written by my Grandfather in 1938 was brought to my attention and I rendered a recording of it using modern technology. If we make a ‘two part’ piece by using mine as an introduction to his, then I think the result works very well:

Part I: (c) Eddy Deegan, 2005

Part II: (c) John Joseph Deegan, 1938

So there you go, Grandfather and Grandson doing their thing, across a 67 year gap.

Front garden progress update

Saturday, finally a day where I could get more than an hour of daylight while working on the landscaping! After a lovely family fire in the gazebo last night, I had a bit of a lie-in today then got to it out front.

Took a few photos of the garden at the start of the day, then dug out some additional foundation trenches for mini-retaining walls that will go down the side of the garden, to prevent spillage due to differences in height between our newly terraced garden and the neighbour’s.

Mixed up a couple of loads of ballast-based concrete (it’s sharp sand with little stones in it) for the foundations then filled the aforementioned trenches. Then I mixed a smooth-sand mortar and filled the gaps between the blocks on the walls that I’ve built so far, and also extended the smaller, second wall right to the far side of the garden.

Finally, Willow and I started to grade the top area  so that it’s flatter in preparation for landscape fabric and slate cover on Tuesday. There is more work to do there, but it’s a good start and things are now beginning to look tidier.

The music of our ancestors

Recently, as I mentioned in another post, I’ve been doing some work to create audio files of my Grandfather’s works which were transcribed as sheet music by my Uncle. I did this one today, and I think it’s rather beautiful so I’m sharing it here also.

The piece, as originally written, was not intended to have an organ accompaniment as far as I know. It was for choir only, but the sheet music had a piano part for practice purposes. I took the piano part and mapped it to a church organ, and I think the result is very striking. Whether my Grandfather would have approved I don’t really know, but as a musician myself I think it does work so I’m sure he’d understand my motive 🙂

Front garden continues

Despite the rain and the darkness descending so early, the last two days I’ve been out in the front garden working in the mire and sludge to get it done!

Not that it’s done yet, but good progress. Last night I moved all the earth and ash that we had piled on the hard-standing area, and put it on the garden in preperation for the final grading. Today we received delivery of materials in the form of a large bag of sand/stone mix, a bag of building sand and 61 concrete blocks that were now able to fit onto the space created where that pile of earth was, and I also finished the top trench.

Tonight installed the datum pegs to get the wall foundation level, then mixed 3 large mixers-full of concrete in the rain and darkness, and got it laid in the foundation. There’s a little more concrete to go, but not a full mix, so next will be to start the lower trench and get that foundation in as well.

Some pictures below – none of the concrete yet, as it was too dark and wet by the time I was done, but I’ll add more pics tomorrow.

Update: (7th October)

Second trench done, and concrete poured in that also. Ju sourced some excellent proper lighting so I can work after dark, and Willow helped by cleaning some rocks <3

Additional pictures added to gallery below.

My Grandfather

My Grandfather, John Deegan, wrote a lot of music in the mid-late 20th century, and my Uncle, Kevin Deegan, has painstakingly recovered and transcribed a fair amount of this work for posterity. Between us, Kevin and I set up the Deegan Music Wiki which archives the results.

This is a work in progress, but much has been done and it’s a fascinating insight into the works of my Grandfather. The material on there is available in PDF format (the sheet music) and MIDI format. Going forwards we are going to render the works in MP3 as well.

Tonight, I did the first MP3 render (of a work for choir and organ, called Ecce Sacerdos) and I think it came out rather well. It can be found here. I’m looking forward very much to doing more of these MP3 audio renders, as it makes my Grandfather’s music come to life again in a way which, without Kevin’s dedication and perseverance, it would never have otherwise done.