Monthly Archives: January 2016

Twilight Theatre

Exciting news, Twilight Theatre is finished and I have properly moved in. My wonderful refuge from the outside world, locks fitted to keep out un-wanted folk. The sofa bed was the finishing touch, so i can not only work down there, we have created a social ( special invites only ) place to chill out, or indeed party in. PA system installed and tested on new years eve at ear bleed with VIP guests. I have waited a long time for my own space, every second was worth it. A huge Thank you to Eddy who made it all possible and who’s vision became reality. He has a very happy Wife.

Finally a decent studio again…


I tidied up my studio … partly because the new Prophet 6 and Moog Mother-32 synths were deserving of better surroundings and partly because, as I said before in a recent post, I want to get some music done. To that end, I’m currently working on a nice groove which lends itself to a bit of synth demo-ing and a youtube video.

Stay tuned…


New Year’s Eve 2015

Well, we’re all a bit zombiefied today, but it was certainly worth it. We christened Ju’s Studio with a party with good friends, drinks and lots of pizza. Turns out the studio is a great place to party! There are a few bits and pieces to finish off inside, as can be seen in the pics (Ju is in the process of varnishing woodwork, and there are a couple of decorative wood structs and ceiling insulation bits to add in), but we’re down to the details now, finally.

Shortly after midnight we blasted out The Ace of Spaces at maximum volume on the PA just to give a nod to Lemmy as well… hehe.

Happy New Year to all 🙂